I am running because I feel I have something
unique to offer in the legislature -
a diverse perspective,
sound business experience, and
working knowledge of land use and natural
resource issues in the private and public sectors.

Improving Quality of Life for Montanans

Covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected Montanans in all walks of life, and of utmost concern is the sustainability of small farms and ranches, as well as businesses throughout the state. I'm committed to getting Montana families the help they need to recover from financial, physical, and emotional loss realized during this unprecedented time.

The state response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been a success. The governor’s decision to shelter in place was timely and effective and has saved lives. Montanans have complied with the order, pulling together with care and generosity, and can take credit for the low infection spread. Our local health department and hospital are quick adapters and continue to stand ready for our community. Kudos to our scientists at Rocky Mountain Laboratories who are working night and day to create a vaccine as soon as possible!

Montanans at all levels have championed the effort to stay ahead of the virus, and the leadership from our state government framed the groundwork. We absolutely need to remain vigilant in the coming months and into 2021.

Public Health

I support Medicaid Expansion and will work to ensure that more Montanans have affordable health care.

I agree with sensible measures such as social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and the use of protective masks to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

I am concerned about under-age availability and use of flavored tobacco products, such as those commercially sold by my opponent.

Affordability of Life / Housing

More state monies should be provided to increase housing opportunities for seniors, people with disabilities, and low-wage earners in Montana. As a Realtor® in Ravalli County for 30 years, I experience an economy that benefits from a bustling real estate market, but leaves many residents behind.

I have worked on securing property for a future affordable housing development in Hamilton.  Many families I serve struggle with rising costs of housing, prescription drugs, higher education, and child and elder parent care.  I will sponsor legislation to develop bi-partisan financial solutions for Montana families.

Public Lands

Protecting our natural resources and keeping our public lands under public land management is a top priority.

Management of federal lands should remain with the federal government and not be transferred to state or local control. The notion that state or local officials can manage our public lands better than current federal employees is impractical and financially irresponsible.  Transferring authority would be a step toward privatization and reduced access to the lands we love.

Our public lands annually generate 7 billion dollars in consumer spending, while supporting 3,000 forest product jobs.  As a former USFS Regional Plant Pathologist, I trust current trained professionals, in concert with active public input, to continue managing federal lands.

Our Agricultural Roots

Farming and ranching provide jobs and a dependable local food supply.

Our economy is driven by agriculture - I will pursue policy incentives to strengthen our agricultural heritage and attract young farmers to our state.


New technologies + vast renewable resources = jobs of the future!

Thanks to Montana’s vast supply of renewable energy such as wind, hydro, and solar, our state is in a position to lead.  I will work for clean energy legislation to train a new workforce and boost our economy.


The Montana Legislature should renew its commitment to increase revenues toward higher education. Education costs have risen faster than families can afford, and the picture is bound to worsen with job loss and business closures due to Covid-19.

Financial assistance that is need and merit-based is critical to overcome rising tuition costs and ensure successful graduation rates. Financial incentives to retain students for essential Montana jobs would ultimately contribute back to our economy.

There is no better return on public investment than funding higher education while preparing our future workforce.

Expanded Access to Broadband

Our state ranks dead last in the nation for broadband Internet access.  Remote learning and business growth depend on reliable broadband access.

I will work to bring the best available technologies to Montana.

About Me

I've had the great fortune of living in the Victor-Stevensville area since 1990.  I’ve built a successful 30-year real estate career, working on behalf of hundreds of families and learning first-hand how local issues affect Montanan lives and livelihoods

I grew up in Colorado, one of five daughters in a family that is still growing!  I attended Colorado State University, earning B.S.and M.S. degrees in Forestry and Plant Pathology.  I’ve worked as a Forester and Forest Pathologist for the U.S. Forest Service in 10 different states, including Western Montana.

I believe strongly in volunteering to give back to my community.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving on several non-profit boards and in local organizations, including:

  • Bitter Root Water Forum
  • Bitter Root Land Trust
  • Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance
  • Bitterroot Valley Association of Realtors
  • Bitterroot Forest Restoration Committee, and
  • currently President of the Bitterroot Performing Arts Council.

My career path and volunteer work have uniquely prepared me to serve a diverse Ravalli County electorate in the Montana Legislature.  I have the skill set to listen to differing perspectives, find common ground, and negotiate win-win solutions for critical issues affecting Montanans.  My background in forestry and plant pathology equips me to scientifically evaluate public health and natural resource management policy - essential in developing sound policies for the new challenges we face.  I look forward to serving you - drop me a line anytime.